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ZoomText Magnifier

425.00 (£510.00 inc. VAT)

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Sku: AIS010

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Magnifying Software for Low Vision Users

This magnifying software enlarges anything on your computer screen which makes all of your applications easy to see and use if you have low vision.

AiSquared's patented 'xFont' technology keeps any text on screen perfectly sharp, no matter what magnification level you go to.

At medium and high magnifications, many visually impaired users struggle to retain focus when they navigate through pop-up menus, or when dialog windows appear when using standard Windows magnification tools. However, ZoomText's enhanced focusing and navigation, smoothly and precisely directs your magnified viewing area to the point of interest. This, together with ZoomText's other features makes for a far more efficient and enjoyable computing experience. 

This product is available in USB format too for an additional £55. If you require ZoomText Magnifier in this option then please select it from the dropdown menu above. 

Key Features

  • ZoomText Camera - New in Version 10: This allows you to use any high definition camera to view and magnify any document or object on your computer screen.
  • Enhanced Web Finder - New in Version 10: Allows you to search web pages for specific words or phrases or to skim through pages to find items of interest.
  • Full Windows Logon Support: When logging in to Windows, (XP, Vista and 7), full magnification, colour and pointer enhancements are available.
  • Flexible Magnification: Adjust magnification from 1x to 36x including fractional powers of 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x and 2.5x.
  • Powerful Zoom Windows: Select any one of eight different zoom windows.
  • Font Enhancements: Text remains perfectly clear whatever zoom level you use thanks to patented 'xFont' technology.
  • Dual Monitor Support: Use a second screen to be more productive - span your magnified view across two screens or share a magnified or unmagnified view of your desktop with a colleague.
  • Enhanced Screen Colours: Choose from a wide selection of preset colours or create your own as different eye conditions may enable you to read more easily and reduce eye strain with particular coloured text and backgrounds .
  • Enhanced Pointers and Cursors: Cursors and pointers are fully adjustable in size and type meaning you'll never lose your cursor again.
  • Focus Enhancements: Easily track and locate the control focus when you tab and arrow key through menus, dialogs, toolbars etc.
  • Smooth Navigation: High performance rendering means scrolling around your magnified window is always smooth and comfortable.
  • Desktop Finder: Helps you to find and run applications and documents on your desktop, system tray and quick launch bar.
  • Text Finder: Aids you in locating words, phrases and points of interest in documents, web pages and application windows.
  • Application Settings: Store unique settings for each program that you use and ZoomText automatically applies them when your current application has focus.
  • Special Application Support: Built-in support for popular applications enables you to navigate your documents with 100% accuracy.
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