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ZoomText Fusion Professional Edition

1335.00 (£1602.00 inc. VAT)

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Magnification and Screen Reading Software for Low Vision Users

ZoomText Fusion is the ultimate accessibility tool for individuals with any level of vision impairment. ZoomText Fusion provides the best of both worlds – ZoomText, with its screen magnification and visual enhancements for screen viewing ease, coupled with the power and speed of JAWS® for screen reading functionality.

By blending ZoomText and JAWS together, Fusion has flexible, high-quality speech using Eloquence and Vocalizer Expressive, powerful keyboard access including navigation on the web, and a wide range of customization options.

Fusion is the perfect solution for schools, agencies, training centers, and businesses where individuals with vision loss are served. A single installer and one license gives access to both ZoomText and JAWS individually, or together when run as the combined solution – ZoomText Fusion.

Fusion is available in two versions: Professional and Home Edition.

A Professional license is used by schools, businesses, and other organizations. The Home Edition – for non-commercial use – is licensed to individuals for use on their personal computer.

Please click here for the Home Version of ZoomText Fusion.

Learn more about using speech in ZoomText Fusion. 

Key Features

  • ZoomText Camera: This allows you to use any high-definition camera to view and magnify any document or object on your computer screen.
  • Single installer with one activation code
  • High-quality speech using Eloquence™ and Vocalizer™ Expressive
  • Instant access to any JAWS customization already in place
  • Same familiar user interfaces
  • Powerful keyboard access including navigation on the web
  • Screen tracking synchronized with speech and braille as you navigate and read
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