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Portable Video Magnifier With USB/VGA Connection

The Transformer is a portable electronic video magnifier which means that it can be plugged into a laptop (or monitor) and be used on the go. It perfect for use when out and about because it is battery operated which last for up to 4 hours. This is a great device because it is a 3-in-1 solution meaning that it is possible to use this magnifier for reading, handwriting and distance viewing. The Transformer is also compatible with latest Windows operating system as well as the most popular magnification software. It is incredibly lightweight, weighing less than three pounds and because the camera can be folded into a compact shape – it is easy to move and transport the camera from one place to another. With the auto-install software, it makes the set-up of the Transformer really simple as all the user needs to do is connect the device to a laptop using the USB connection.

The camera on this device is a rotates 330 degrees which means that is can be used for close up work such as reading books and magazines as well as self-viewing which helps with the application of makeup and self-grooming and also distance viewing – perfect for viewing presentation and white boards in a classroom. The user can capture and store images of printed text which that can view at their convenience. This is an extremely useful feature for use in daily life – for example, a user could capture an image of a bus timetable and then recall this image when they require information about bus timings.

Key Features

  • Can be connected to a computer or laptop using a USB connection.
  • VGA connection is available.
  • When used with a 17 inch screen the zoom level goes from x2.4 to x30 magnification.
  • There are 28 different viewing modes which enables the user to find the most appropriate and comfortable for them.
  • Compatible with latest Windows operating system and the most popular magnification software.
  • Lightweight design – weighs less than three pounds.
  • Self-contained on/off LED lighting.
  • The device folds into a compact shape making it easy for transport.
  • Rotating 3-in-1 camera makes it a great solution for reading text, distance viewing and seeing yourself close up .
  • Carrying case makes transporting the Transformer very easy – case has an adjustable strap.
  • Auto install software makes installation quick and easy – the device just needs to be plugged into a laptop.
  • Battery operated – lasts up to 4 hours.
  • 2 year warranty
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