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SuperNova Reader Magnifier

336.00 (£403.20 inc. VAT)

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Reading and Magnification Software For Low Vision

Choose from CD or USB options from the drop down menu above. 

With one click everything on screen is instantly magnified, effortlessly clear and always easy to see thanks to Supernova's unique 'True Font' technology. Magnify as little or as much as you need choosing from fractional increments through to an extensive 60x times magnification range. Zoom in for crystal clear detail, or simply enlarge and enlarge as the day goes on or as your sight changes. You can also make things even easier on the eyes by selecting a SuperNova colour scheme and contrast that suits you.

Reduce eyestrain and boost your accuracy and productivity by having long documents and web pages read to you with SuperNova Reader Magnifier. Ensuring you are always productive, the human sounding voices provide pertinent audio information when you need it. Sit back and listen to long documents or hover your mouse to hear 'tricky' text. SuperNova Reader Magnifier is perfect if your sight fluctuates or when your eyes start to get tired.

Ideal for people who are partially sighted.

Key Features

  • Crystal clear magnifier enlarges everything on screen up to 60 times
  • Natural sounding male and female voices speak documents and apps out loud
  • Robust Braille output and input with more than 60 different displays
  • Hundreds of main stream Office, web browser and leisure apps supported
  • Multiple Monitor support for: multitasking, delivering presentations or working closely with colleagues
  • Specialist product support via phone, email or web
  • Portable on the USB Dolphin Pen, install from DVD or as a download
  • Highly customisable: magnification, speech and Braille settings to suit you and your apps
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