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Snow 7 HD Plus Advanced

975.00 (£1170.00 inc. VAT)

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High Definition Text-to-Speech Low Vision Handheld Video Magnifier/Reader

The Snow 7 HD is a high definition handheld video magnifier designed by Zoomax. It is a 7 inch unit with a high definition LCD touch screen, ensuring a clean and crisp image when using the device.

This magnification aid can be used while out and about and also in the home as well so it is ideal for reading and magnifying newspapers, books, price tags, timetables, and restaurant menus.

The integrated ergonomic writing stand enables you to carry out writing tasks with as much ease as possible. You can write greetings cards, sign cheques, write letters and even view signs, as well as so much more.

With the first 7" handheld magnifier in the global market offering a text-to-speech function in 20 different languages (with more to come!).

With an easy to use touchscreen; panning around a document has never been easier, it's been specially designed to even work with a trembling hand.

Key Features

  • 7 inch TFT Touchscreen
  • High definition image quality – 13 megapixel HD camera
  • 11 enhanced viewing modes
  • 2.5x - 19x magnification range (1.7x - 8x in text-to-speech mode)
  • Distance viewing mode
  • 3.5-hour battery life with a 3.5-hour charging time
  • Freeze Frame with save function (can save over 1000 images)
  • HDMI connection for TV/Monitor - HDMI cable included
  • USB Connection to PC, to transfer saved images to a computer.
  • Weight: 532g/18.8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 195 x 139.3 x 23 mm
  • Optional Swivel arm (pictured, but extra cost)
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