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SmartView Graduate

1750.00 (£2100.00 inc. VAT)

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Manufacturer: Humanware

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Laptop Video Magnifier

The SmartView Graduate is the perfect companion for any student or travelling professional, it is ideally suited for those who need to see things on their desk as well as across the room.

It is easy to use, light to carry and simple to set up and features all the standard laptop magnifier features like image capture and colour and contrast adjustment. The SmartView Graduate splits into three main components that easily fit in your computer bag. Setup is quick, going from your bag to desk in under a minute. With the optional traveling case, the SmartView Graduate has a secure place for all its components. The case can be carried separately or fit easily into your backpack.
The Graduate gets its power from your laptop using two USB 2.0 cables. So you can use the SmartView Graduate just about anywhere you take your laptop!


Key Features

  • 2 x USB  connections
  • XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 compatible
  • 3 to 50 continuous zoom
  • Can be used at home, at work or with in an educational environment.
  • This device can be used for writing letters, reading and signing important documents, doing cross word puzzles as well as other activities that require writing.
  • lightweight 1.1kg