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Readit Air

1295.00 (£1554.00 inc. VAT)

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Laptop Reading Machine And Video Magnifier For Business and Educational Use

The Readit Air is a compact, lightweight portable 5 megapixel camera that works with the Readit software. It enables instant access to printed documents converting them to large print and text-to-speech output.

Readit Air is for any visually impaired or blind computer user, who wants near instant, easy and accurate access to printed documents.

Just plug the lightweight camera into your PC or laptop, (with the included USB connection cable) and it instantly translates any printed text into crystal clear speech. Letters, receipts, bank statements, books, product packaging etc. are all read with ease.

The attachable positioning guide also allows users with no vision at all to perfectly place and capture their documents. Headphones are included as is a dedicated custom designed keypad which enables background reading and even higher levels of productivity.

Key Features

  • Capture & read back documents in just 2 to 3 seconds on modern laptops
  • Capture documents at up to 20 pages per minute so entire text books can be stored in minutes!
  • High resolution (5 MP) camera and latest OCR engine means the highest accuracy down to text as small as 6pt
  • Advanced motion detection algorithms ensure a clear image is captured every time
  • Captures an entire A4 page
  • Virtual X/Y Live View
  • For access to documents without capturing, just place them under the Readit Air, & move the magnified & colour enhanced real-time image around with your mouse!
  • Lightweight (only 500g)
  • Includes an attacheable positioning guide
  • USB connection cable is included
  • Fits easily into standard 15 - laptop carry bags.
  • PLEASE NOTE - READIT AIR DOES NOT NATIVELY WORK ON A MAC COMPUTER. - It can be made to work by additionally purchasing Parallels Software and Windows 10 though.
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