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ReadAnywhere - Second Hand

900.00 (£1080.00 inc. VAT)

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Portable Reading Machine For Low Vision Users

This is a secondhand product - find out more about this product by contacting us on 01775 711 977

If you are looking for a simple reading machine to replace a laptop device, then the low cost ReadAnywhere will be perfect for this as it can be used as your computer as well.

With a desktop reading machine it will only let you read in one place but with the ReadAnywhere it is possible to read documents anywhere at your leisure or whenever you need to. It is lightweight and therefore extremely portable and with a battery life of three hours it is truly mobile, it has been designed so that it is smaller than other scanner based reading machines due to the components that have been chosen to construct it. Despite its compact size, the typical scan to read time is just 20 seconds – this is faster than some desktop units! The custom designed high contrast tactile keypad built into the lid means there is no need to plug in additional keyboards or cables. Each machine (UK and US version) comes with four high quality natural sounding voices. It is possible to store capable of storing over half a million documents that you can retrieve from its memory at any time. ReadAnywhere allows the playing of any audio CD format including Daisy and MP3 CDs.

Key Features

  • Can replace a laptop or PC
  • Long battery life
  • Integrated keypad
  • High speed scanning
  • Store documents
  • Imports and exports documents
  • It is quick and easy to transfer documents to your MP3 player, word processing programmes and to PDF.
  • The software allows you to add notes to your documents, which is a great feature for students when revising.
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