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A portable desktop video magnifier for those affected by low vision

The Presto is a portable desktop magnifier that is quick and easy to set up. It folds away into a compact size making it easily transportable. It has a simple four button keyboard as well as high speed reading optics which makes it simple and intuitive to use. This device can be used for a wide variety of situations including reading letters, newspapers, crossword puzzles as well as being used for writing too. This is a great device to use when filling out a form, it is possible to magnify text, so a user will be able to work out the exact information that they need to fill in, then they can write onto the form and be able to clearly see their written text too.

It has three different image viewing modes which include photo (full colour) as well as positive and negative images which make it flexible for reading. Each individual user has their own requirements from an electronic magnifier and the different viewing modes make the whole user experience more effective. The functional user controls - Power, Zoom-up, Zoom-down, image mode and an image enhancement button make it very simple to use. The zoom level of this device is up to 23x magnification and it includes a large integrated reading table with a braking system which makes it much easier to use because it makes it easier for users to scroll documents. The Presto also has an optional hard travel case which not only makes it easy to travel with, but also keeps your Presto safe and secure.

This device is so easy to use that all a user needs to do when they receive their Presto is plug it into a power supply and it possible for them to start using it! There are no complicated user manuals or instructions. People affected by Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Retinitis Pigmentosa and Diabetic Retinopathy can use this device to ensure the process of reading once more.

Key Features

  • Very simple to set up - just plug it in and start using it!
  • Three image modes - photo, positive and negative images.
  • Intuitive user controls - Power, Zoom-up, Zoom-down, Image mode and an image enhancement button.
  • Magnification : 3x to 23x continuous zoom.
  • Auto-focus camera ensure a clear image.
  • The two-step enhancement button - choose from very high contrast or softer enhancement in reading modes and enhanced colours and contrast in photo mode.
  • High brightness 15 inch integrated liquid crystal display.
  • Large reading table with braking system.
  • LED lighting that will never require replacement.
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