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OrCam MyEye 2.0

3250.00 (£3900.00 inc. VAT)

Free P&P

The worlds most advanced wearable assistive technology solution

Wireless and wearable, portable camera solution providing text-to-speech.

Fits onto the side of most glasses including most wire frames.

Provides text-to-speech from printed text discretely into your ear.

Connected to a smartphone-sized computer/battery base unit.

Ability to change the reading speed

Requires no Internet or power connection

Reads printed text from any surface; from newspapers to street signs

The camera is activated by simple intuitive gestures - pointing your finger, pressing a single button or holding your watch up in front of it.

Responds instantly

Rechargeable battery with a 2-hour battery life.

Perfect for use at home, or on the go!

Has a built-in database of up to 3 million products by barcode.

One-on-One training for an optional £250 extra.

As well as...

Facial recognition for up to 100 members of your friends or family

Faces are recognised once in the smart camera's view

Product identification of up to 150 products of your choice including money, credit cards and more.

Supports free Wi-Fi software updates during the 2 year warranty period.

Tiny - only the size of your finger!

Similar to the Orcam MyEye 1.0 but without the base unit - it's wireless! It only has the part that clips onto glasses.