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New Solo

2895.00 (£3474.00 inc. VAT)

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Manufacturer: Nordic Eye

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Video Magnification Aid For Low Vision

This is a high definition magnifier, capable of viewing the full width of an A4 page making an ideal laptop solution. The sharp 2x minimum magnification allows for much faster reading of documents.

The New Solo is a great tool for business users and students in schools and universities. It connects to a computer with a single USB cable and is ready to use straight away. .

With this device it is possible to carry out close up work such as reading a book, newspaper, report or letter as well as distance work too such as viewing a presentation. This device is extremely portable due to the fact that it is lightweight. It has automatic sensing for distance viewing and a table clamp design which increases stability whilst zeroing the footprint. It folds flat and sets up within 30 seconds making it ideal with classroom and business environments..

Key Features

  • XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and Mac compatible 
  • 2x to 85x continuous zoom on a 22" monitor
  • Lightweight design - only 0.95kg
  • Connection - USB and HDMI
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