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Portable And Simple To Use Handheld Electronic Magnifier

The MiniMax is a small and lightweight portable magnifier that is simple to operate with three easily accessible buttons; it is therefore a fantastic companion for anyone with low vision who benefits from magnification. There are three zoom levels available ranging from 3x to 6.5x magnification. There is a range of different viewing modes including full colour, enhanced white on black, enhanced black on white, yellow on blue, green on black and yellow on black - this will help the user to find the most appropriate and the most comfortable viewing mode for them when they are reading.

The device is extremely portable and can be used in a wide variety of situations, it will be possible for anyone using this device to read printed text in books, magazines, newspapers, letters and more. It is a great tool when users need to carry out any required writing tasks such as filling out forms, doing crossword puzzles or writing letters. This is perfect companion for use in the home, at work or when you're out and about and need something small and portable to magnify text.

Key Features

  • Easy to operate.
  • Freeze picture mode.
  • Integrated clip for writing.
  • Magnification in three steps up to 6.5x magnification.
  • Rechargeable battery can be easily replaced.
  • Can be used in battery and/or power mode.
  • Magnification range from 3x to 6.5x zoom level.
  • Range of colour modes: full colour, black on white, white on black, green on black, yellow on blue and yellow on black.

MiniMax Specifications

Screen Size 3 inch
Camera -
Colour Combinations 6 combinations - full colour, white on black, yellow on black, yellow on blue, black on white, yellow on Black
Freeze Frame Yes
Dimensions 90 x 60 x 30 mm
Zoom Level 3 - 6x magnification
Battery 3 hours (rechargeable)
Image Storage No
Weight 140g
Number of Buttons 3
Distance Viewing No
TV Support No
Handle No
Writing Stand No
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