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Mezzo Focus

1595.00 (£1914.00 inc. VAT)

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Contemporary, folding Video Magnifier

The Mezzo Focus is a video magnifier that has been developed with the contemporary needs of the individual user in mind. The Mezzo Focus comes with a 22" HD screen. With magnification from 1.6x, all the way up to 50x this magnifier is perfect for everyone. The Mezzo Focus has 6 colour modes including full-colour mode.

Designed and made in Germany, this unit is stylish, sleek and of a modern design. 

The Mezzo Focus folds flat for easy transportation and can come with an integrated X/Y Table for easy navigation of documents.

Key Features

  • Continuous zoom from 1.6x magnification to 50x magnification. (Dependant on screen size)
  • A space-saving video magnifier in HD quality.
  • Easy to transport, easy installation, easy operation.
  • Stylish, Sleek and Modern design.
  • A range of viewing modes available: full colour, black on white, white on black, green on black, yellow on blue and yellow on black.
  • Optional Battery and X/Y Table