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Stationary Magnifying System For People With Low Vision

The MAXLUPE is the smallest stationary magnifying system for people with special low vision needs. As this device is extremely lightweight (only 730g) it can be easily carried and used while on the go. The Li-ion battery allows a user to operate the device continuously for up to 2 hours. The writing stand has been developed to enable users to carry out writing tasks such as filling out forms or doing crossword puzzles.

With only two control buttons MAXLUPE is easy to operate for anybody who prefers a small stationary and multifunctional reading device. It can be used to read books, magazines, newspapers, letters and more. This device helps restore the reading independence of people with low vision.

Key Features

  • The device is lightweight at only 730 g for easy carrying - extremely portable.
  • Continuous zoom from approximately 3x - 25x magnification.
  • Ergonomic design due to the inclinable flat screen.
  • Easy to operate due to only two control buttons.
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery lasts for up to two hours when used continuously.
  • Approximately 3.5 hours charging time.

Maxlupe Specifications

Screen Size 5.6 inch
Camera -
Colour Combinations 6 combinations - full colour, white on black, yellow on black, yellow on blue, black on white, yellow on Black
Freeze Frame Yes
Dimensions 161 x 109 x 69 mm
Zoom Level 5.6 - 23.8x magnification
Battery 3 hours (rechargeable)
Image Storage No
Weight 140g
Number of Buttons 3
Distance Viewing No
TV Support No
Handle No
Writing Stand No
No Information Currently Available.
No Information Currently Available.