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MAGic Keyboard

75.00 (£90.00 inc. VAT)

Manufacturer: Freedom Scientific

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Large Print Keyboard Designed For MAGic Screen Magnification Software

The MAGic large print keyboard is the perfect low vision aid for those who wish to continue using a keyboard to type. The large print ensures that the keys are easy to use but not only this there are twenty two dedicated keys that work with the MAGic screen magnification software, making it accessible and easier to use than ever!

This keyboard has been specifically designed to be easy on the eyes in that the oversized characters ensure that user can see the letters clearly and the high contrast (white on black) will help to avoid eye fatigue.

The 22 MAGic keys enable access to the MAGic software and each represents the main functions that a user will normally require from the software. For example, one key will launch the software while another will enable visual enhancements such as specific colour modes. There are three keys that have not been assigned with a function - these are there so that the user can use them to add their own favourite MAGic functions.

Key Features

  • Large print keys ensure letters are seen clearly by user
  • Designed to be compatible with MAGic screen magnification software
  • Can be used in conjunction with JAWS software - specific keys have been assigned on the keyboard.
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