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Reading Software for Users with Dyslexia

Lex is a software program that reads electronic documents out loud. Within the software there are a range of features that make reading for a dyslexia user more efficient. When used with the LexCam, the software is able to read and format printed documents aloud to a user, in a lifelike human voice which automatically changes depending on the language of the document. It is possible to read text in six different viewing modes which can be chosen by the user depending on what is most comfortable for them.

Within these viewing modes it is possible to read the documents from x0.1 to x2 magnification, despite the magnification level, the text will automatically flow from one line to the next and can be read out loud at any time. When reading documents without the aid of a reading machine or reading software, people with dyslexia will often have coloured overlays to help them read with Lex it enables users to create their own personal colour overlays which will enhance the reading experience.

Key Features

  • Reads electronic documents and books out loud instantly
  • Can be used in conjunction with the LexCam
  • It is possible to choose different colour combinations which will help users to read more efficiently and effectively
  • There are six different text viewing options which will help users further when reading, they can choose a viewing option that is most comfortable for them
  • It is possible to annotate documents which is a great feature for students when revising.

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