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LaVoice Solo

1395.00 (£1674.00 inc. VAT)

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Manufacturer: Aumed

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A well priced stand alone reading machine 

A well priced stand alone reading system with good single page document capture ability. The LaVoice PC can capture standard documents (up to A4 in size) and read them back  with good accuracy. .

Simply align the long edge of the document up against the left edge of the unit and press the stop button followed by play / pause on the integrated controls and within 10 seconds your document will be being read out loud. 
The single 3 watt speaker provides good volume levels in most scenarios and the external audio socket allows for additional speakers or headphones to be connected.
When connected to a television or PC screen, LaVoice PC also offers several different large print views of the document as it is being read aloud. 

Key Features

  • VGA and HDMI screen connection
  • A4 scanning area
  • 10 seconds average time to read
  • simple and easy to use.