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Index Everest-D Embosser

3150.00 (£3780.00 inc. VAT)

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High Quality Braille Embosser

Everest Embosser is an effective single sheet Braille embosser using cut-sheet paper which can be purchased at any stationary shop. Everest-D prints single and double-sided Braille on a flexible range of user defined paper formats. This is a great choice for Braille book and magazine production.

This device has the flexibility to handle almost any paper size. It may emboss horizontally or vertically, on one or both sides of the paper. Now also available in magazine format, previously only supported by the 4X4 PRO.

Key Features

  • 100 characters produced per second
  • 50 pages sheet-feeder
  • Braille labeled and speech guided, multilingual user interface
  • Excellent interpoint Braille
  • Single/double sided and magazine format embossing
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