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Index Braille Box

8995.00 (£10794.00 inc. VAT)

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Manufacturer: Index Braille

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Single-sheet fed, high-speed Braille printer with low noise level

Braille Box is suited for high volumes of Braille on cut-sheet paper, it prints at a rapid speed with little noise pollution. The printer’s innovative design makes it easy to manoeuvre.

This device prints single and double-sided Braille as well as both horizontally and vertically. The Braille printer easily embosses Braille books and magazines with automatic page organisation.

Key Features

  • 300 characters/second - first affordable high speed braille embosser
  • Large sheet-feeder - holds up to 400 pages
  • Integrated Acoustic Hood gives low noise level
  • Newspaper format for A3 or 11x17 inch paper
  • Red Dot product design award 2011
  • Great Design Award (Swedish award) 2012
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