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Index BasicD Embosser

2450.00 (£2940.00 inc. VAT)

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Portable Braille Printer

Basic-D is a portable Braille printer. It uses fan-folded paper which is the most commonly used paper style for Braille embossers and is capable of continuous Braille embossing.

This device produces double-sided Braille in which achieves all Braille reading demands, in addition to Braille international standards. The Braille dots are easy to read and do not wear with age so expect endless top-of-the-line quality Braille. This reliable dot forming technology found in the Basic-D is environmentally friendly and green approved and is sure to save you money comparably.

It is complete with an easy-to-follow user interface equipped with on-board speech interface guidance. The preferred spoken language may be selected from the front control panel of the embosser.

Key Features

  • Single and double sided printed Braille
  • Horizontal and vertical printing options are available
  • 100 characters/second - fastest embosser in its price range!
  • High-quality interpoint Braille
  • Braille labeled and speech guided, multilingual user interface
  • Horizontal and vertical printing
  • Tractor-fed paper - the most reliable paper feeding method
  • Equipped with USB, network and serial interface for easy connectivity
  • Printer drivers to support embossing from Windows PC and Macs
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