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i-loview Super HD

645.00 (£774.00 inc. VAT)

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Manufacturer: Chris Park Design

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High Definition Handheld Video Magnifier For Low Vision

The i-loview Super HD is a portable handheld video magnifier with a 4.3 inch screen. The high definition camera ensures crystal clear image quality and so it makes this handheld device perfect for a wide variety of situations - be it at home or while out and about. It has a compact, stylish and discreet design that makes it perfect for use in the home as well as when you are out and about too. With its closeup/distance viewing feature it enables you to view text  at various different angles thus enhancing the user experience and making it easy to read books, documents, bus time tables, medicine bottles and more.

With this device users can capture an image then zoom into the text further as well as scroll the captured image - this works well with recipes, bus and train timetables. With the additional SD card capacity, users are able to save captured images and can access these images at their convenience. The 'Video Out' output gives users the ability to view documents on a larger screen, thus increasing the magnification range offered by the device. Not only this, the fold out stand makes it possible to carry out writing tasks.

Key Features

  • High speed continuous auto focus from close up to infinity make it ideal to handwrite underneath and view things in the distance.
  • High definition image quality.
  • Possible to use this as a handwriting solution without having to use extra hardware.
  • Supports additional SD card which means that captured images can be saved an exported to different devices.
  • It is possible to adjust magnification from 1.5x to 24x - user can choose the magnification that is most comfortable for them.
  • Lightweight design with a large screen ensures a great user experience and portability of the device.
  • Long battery life - lasts approximately five and half hours.

i-loview Super HD Specifications

Screen Size  4.3 Inch 
Camera High definition autofocus
Colour Combinations 6 combinations - white on black / black on white / yellow on black / black on yellow / green on black / blue on yellow / yellow on blue
Freeze Frame Yes
Dimensions 140 x 74 x 20 mm
Zoom Level Up to 24x magnification (continuous zoom)
Battery Li-ion, 4.1 hours
Image Storage Yes, via an included 2GB SD card
Weight 220g
Distance Viewing Yes
TV Support Video Out
Handle No
Writing Stand Yes
No Information Currently Available.
No Information Currently Available.

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