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EyePal Reader

1695.00 (£2034.00 inc. VAT)

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Manufacturer: AbiSee

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A reading machine which automatically reads text to people with blindness or low vision

The Eye-Pal Reader is an ergonomically lightweight designed scanner/reading machine that reads almost any printed material including letter, newspapers, books and more. It is a lightweight device that can be easily folded. This device is ready to use straight out of the box, just plug it into a mains power supply and place the printed document on to the base of the device. Once the document is positioned, the text will start to be read out loud automatically. It is possible to read a wide variety of books as the auto focus camera adjusts depending on thickness of the book.

There are no buttons to press and no computer skills are required to use this device! So it is an ideal solution for those who have difficultly reading print or those who find using a computer difficult ? such as those who are blind, have dyslexia, stroke victims or elderly people. The device starts and stops reading by the use of hand gestures, the user just needs to wave their hand underneath the camera and it will stop and start reading. There is also an optional keypad available which can be used to control the reading machine.

Key Features

  • Printed material is read out instantly within a few seconds.
  • Starts to read text automatically after placing printed materials onto base of the device.
  • Activated by hand motions - start and stop reading by wave of hand.
  • Female and male human voices are available as reading voices.
  • Reading machine is ready to use right out of the box - no complicated manuals!
  • Can read fine print text - e.g. on medicine bottles.
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