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Manufacturer: AbiSee

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Reading Machine For Blind and Low Vision Users

The Eye-Pal is a lightweight portable USB scanner and reader that connects to a laptop or computer and it instantly converts almost any printed material into speech, text files or refreshable Braille. The great feature of the Eye-Pal is that it can be used with Braille displays. This device is compatible PC or Mac computers.

The Eye-Pal has two lightweight legs that pivot into an L-shape position, this not only securely supports the device but also acts as the scanning area for the camera ? documents positioned in this area will be scanned with crystal clear precision. The L-shape leg position also acts as tactile positioning guide for blind users so they will be able to precisely position the material that they want to be scanned. It is therefore not necessary to adjust the camera in anyway.

This device can be used at home, in the office and also in the dark! Using the Eye-Pal users can read a wide range of different text based documents such as letters, newspapers, instruction manuals, recipes and more. Text will be read out with human sounding voices ? male and female voices are available. Not only with the text be read out to a user but also with the press of one button the Eye-Pal will describe out loud the layout of the page so a low vision or blind user will know exactly what a sighted person would see. When you used with a Braille display it will be possible to read text that the camera captures instantly.

This device can scan up to 20 pages a minute and is a great tool when users want to read novels for example. All the user needs to do is turn the page of the book and wait until they hear the shutter sound of the camera, once they hear that sound they can then turn to the next page.

Key Features

  • Converts almost any printed material into speech, text files or refreshable Braille!
  • Save text as audio file which can be listened to at another time on an MP3 device.
  • Compact and lightweight design ? weights only 1lbs.
  • Works with PC and Mac computers.
  • When used with ZoomEx the Eye-Pal can capture up to 20 pages per minute.
  • L-shape legs of the device ensure an accurate capture area and provide a positioning guide for blind users.
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