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eSight 3 - NEW!

8995.00 (£10794.00 inc. VAT)

Wearable FHD AutoFocus Video Magnifier

Comfortable to wear for long periods.

The eSight unit is ideal for reading signs, watching TV, working on a computer or outdoor events.

The patented hinged screen lifts up making it easy to wear whilst walking around.

Fully customisable as the unit takes your prescription lenses built into the eyewear.

With an easy to use remote control with simple buttons for contrast adjustment, colour selection, locator, freeze image, focus lock.

Connect your computer, Games Console, Freeview box etc, directly into esight via HDMI & zoom, pan, and enhance colours and contrast.

Customisable inter-pupil distance.


Key Features

  • A space-saving video magnifier in HD quality.
  • Easy to transport, easy operation.
  • Comes with a battery with 8 hours battery life.
  • HDMI Input and Output
  • 24x Zoom and 6 colour combinations