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DaVinci HD/OCR

2795.00 (£3354.00 inc. VAT)

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High Performance Desktop Video Magnifier For Low Vision

The DaVinci is a high performance desktop video magnifier. It features HD, text-to-speech and a 3-in-1 camera thus making it an all in one solution for users with low vision as it possible for them to carry out tasks such as magnifying documents and having them read out load as well as distance viewing too. The high definition ensures that there is always a clear and crisp image being viewed making the experience of reading far more enjoyable. By using the text-to-speech option users can give tired eyes a rest and have text read out loud to them should they require it, combining the optical character recognition with being able to magnify text on documents makes the process of reading enjoyable again. The is a great tool for young children or elderly users.

The DaVinci features a Sony HD camera with autofocus which means it is perfect for self-viewing, reading and distance viewing. It is possible to position the camera in the most comfortable position for the user as there is a sliding mechanism at the back of the monitor which provides flexibility when positioning the camera arm. The 24 inch high resolution HD LCD screen of the desktop magnifier can also be pivoted; this again enhances the users experience as they will be able to position the monitor in a place that is most comfortable for them.

It is incredibly easy to set up this device, all you will need to do is plug it in and it is ready to use. Not only is the set up easy but the machine has been designed to be as user friendly as possible, for example it is possible to choose the most appropriate viewing mode that makes reading easy - there are 28 different viewing modes to choose from. The text-to-speech option ensures that users can have the text that they are viewing read out to them, this is a fantastic feature for when eyes are feeling tired; all that they need to do is position their printed text underneath the DaVinci camera and press a button to capture the image, text will be read out within a matter of seconds. Within the text-to-speech mode it is possible to follow the text that is being read on the screen with the word highlight feature. Users can also choose from a male and female sounding voice depending on their preference. It is possible to plug headphones into the machine as well so that users can listen to text in private and there is a range of different languages available.

Key Features

  • Up to x77 magnification level available.
  • 24 inch high resolution LCD screen ensures a clear image.
  • Large field of view allowing more to be seen on the screen.
  • Can be used at home, at work or with in an educational environment.
  • This device can be used for writing letters, reading and signing important documents, doing cross word puzzles as well as other activities that require writing.
  • Auto focus camera makes it perfect for self-viewing, reading and distance viewing.
  • The screen can be used as a computer monitor too.
  • Lines and blinds option available with this device.
  • Camera and LCD screen can be repositioned to the optimum position for the user.
  • Easy to use console with line markers.
  • 28 different viewing modes available to optimise contrast and brightness.
  • Text-to-speech features uses the latest Nuance software and it is possible to choose from male and female voices.
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