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High Definition Electronic Video Magnifier

The Cobra HD was the first entirely digital HD split screen electronic magnifier in the world and Tagarno was the first company in the world to introduce an HD (High Definition) standalone camera, using digital signals all the way from camera to monitor. The Cobra HD gives an exceptionally clear image and maintains a sharp contrast in both high and low magnification. The quality of the image makes it possible to lower the magnification also in enhanced colours, which provides a great general view and comfortable reading. Another advantage of the HD camera is the fact that it does not require the same amount of light as traditional electronic magnifiers do. Therefore, it is possible to read glazed paper without being dazzled by its reflection. Newspaper reading is also remarkably improved due to the enhanced contrast. The Cobra HD Pro features a tactile eleven button remote control giving you direct access to features such as USB image to PC, and stored pre-set.

The Cobra HD is available in two versions:

Easy: with all traditional reading facilities and just 7 buttons
Pro: with PC connectivity, split screen and capturing of still images and enhanced image adjustment in two colour modes.

Key Features

  • Magnification Range: x2 to x40 (on 19" widescreen monitor).
  • Focus: Selectable between fully automatic and manual.
  • Split screen and switch screen modes: Supported resolutions: 800x600, 1280x1024, 1280x800.
  • Screen Connector: DVI
  • PC Connector: Must be DVI for unit to operate in split screen mode.
  • Weight: Net weight without monitor: 5 kg (11 lbs).
  • Enhanced Colour Modes including white on black, yellow on black, blue on yellow and more.
  • Fully adjustable reading lines.
  • Power requirements: 110 - 240 Volts AC 50 - 60Hz
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