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ClearView+ - Secondhand

700.00 (£840.00 inc. VAT)

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Manufacturer: Optelec

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Standalone Desktop Video Magnifier For Low Vision

This is a secondhand product - find out more about this product by contacting us on 01775 711 977

The ClearView+ Colour has been designed for people with a range of low vision conditions including age related macular degeneration. It is possible to use this desktop video magnifier to carry out a range of reading and writing functions. You can magnify and display paper documents and objects at a more comfortable size in full colour on the built-in screen.

The control system is located centrally on the movable reading table for comfortable operation, whilst the monitor can be adjusted to provide a more comfortable viewing angle. It is possible to choose from either a 17, 19, 22 or 24 inch monitor depending on your personal preference.

Key Features

  • Wide magnification range for easier reading (2.6 to 50 times magnification).
  • Simple one-button control at your fingertips making the device easy to use.
  • Auto-focus camera
  • Easy-glide, ultra-low reading table
  • Fix the reading table position at the press of a button
  • View images and paper documents in full colour
  • Read using high contrast text modes: Black and on white and white on black available.
  • Upgradeable design - add extra features available after purchase.
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