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Fully Featured Transportable Electronic Magnifier For Use With Close Up and Distance Viewing

The Aumax VGA offers full close up, distance and self-viewing capability together with an easy to use control system and transportability. It takes just a minute to set up and connects to any standard PC monitor or television via a VGA connection.

The Aumax VGA is ideal for anyone looking for an easy-to-use, fully featured transportable system. The Aumax VGA gives the user a large working space under its camera so writing, reading large books or carrying out practical hobbies can be performed with ease. Weighing just 1.5 kgs it can be transported (in its included carry case), set up and packed away in just a minute and is just as suited for doing crosswords as it is to reading paperwork and books or being used in a meeting or classroom for distance viewing. The Aumax VGAs control system comprises a tactile wired remote control pad together with the main function buttons duplicated twice on two sides of the camera head itself. This means they are accessible whether viewing things close up, at distance or self-viewing.

This system can be purchased with a 22-inch monitor and a monitor arm. Please select this option from the drop-down menu.

Key Features

  • Anti-Blur technology means the Aumax VGA provides clear, smooth and bright images
  • An all in one solution for reading, writing, hand working and self-viewing.
  • With its auto white balance function, interference of ambient light is minimised.
  • Full adjustable horizontal line markers
  • 7 enhanced colour display options
  • The included carry case makes the Aumax VGA easy to transport
  • Dual controls: Simple, easy to use controls on a tactile, wired remote. Main controls are also in two positions on the camera head.
  • Very quick to set up - just plug it in and you can start using it
  • 3-in-1 camera: Closeup, distance and self-viewing
  • Your zoom and colour preferences are automatically saved and changed to for each mode: close up, distance and self, meaning you can switch between them in seconds.
  • Self viewing is ideal for shaving, doing make up or hair.
  • Contrast and brightness adjustment lets you have the best image quality at all times
  • You can personalise the image with 6 viewing modes: Full Colour, High Contrast Black/White, White/Black (Negative), Yellow/Blue, Green/Black, Yellow/Black
  • 3.5 - 79 times (on a 19” screen)
  • Stylish Bag is included