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Transportable CCTV Video Magnifier

Aumax Mini is a transportable battery powered CCTV magnifier. It features a 15.6" widescreen LCD monitor for a large field of view.

This unit is based on an Aumax HD but becomes more portable due to having a smaller screen, but also a battery.

Key Features

  • 8 high contrast colour modes
  • 15.6" TFT LCD display
  • up to 6-hour battery life
  • built-in LED illumination
  • Weighs 6.35kg (14lb)

Optional Extras:

  • X/Y Reading Table - For easier reading of longer documents
  • Carry Case - Shockproof, impact resistant and portable.

Please call us on 01775 711977 if you would like any of the optional extras.

Aumax Mini Specifications

Screen Size 15.6 inch
Camera HD - 720p
Colour Combinations 8 colour combinations
Freeze Frame Yes
Zoom Level 2 - 43 x magnification
Battery 6 hours (rechargeable)
Image Storage No
Weight 6.35kg (14lb)
Number of Buttons 4
Distance Viewing Yes
External TV Support No (not needed)
Carry Handle Yes
Carry Case Yes (Optional extra)