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Amplified big button telephone


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A large, vocalised, backlit keypad makes this phone ideal for the visually impaired; the large screen making it easier to see the numbers who call and each button will also say its number out loud to spare you the embarrassment of dialling wrong numbers. The Amplified telephone takes vocalisation one step further to include caller ID so when someone rings, the telephone will tell you their number or their name out loud. This is available in 3 languages! This clever telephone not only has all of these features, it also has an emergency SOS facility. By pressing the red SOS key the phone dials up to 5 of your chosen emergency contacts consecutively until it receives a human response. It will then relay your personalised message to inform your loved one that you are in distress, so they can come to your assistance. This offers peace of mind to you and your loved ones. This amazing phone also has 30 phonebook memory, 6 direct memories and 3 additional direct memories where you can insert pictures if you chose. With all these great features the oCean400 has been designed to be simply and easy to use, so you have the features you need without the stress and complication and with a unique, sleek design you would be proud to display in your home.
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