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Active Braille

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Unique Concave Braille Cells
ATC (Active Tactile Control)
Unique patented touch recognition technology that senses the location of
the users’ fingertips on the Braille display. ATC offers continuous reading
(bookworm mode) which automtically advances the text as the user reads. This
allows users to enjoy reading an entire book without having to push a button.
The ATC sensitivity is adjustable to suit Braille readers’ individual requirements.
ATC can also be used while teaching Braille to monitor students’ progress,
allowing the teacher to understand which Braille characters the student may
be struggling to read.
HID (Human Interface Device) Technology
Integrated HID technology allows the Braille devices to be automatically
recognised by computer systems without the need to install driver software.
Screen readers such as JAWS, Window-Eyes, SuperNova, VoiceOver or NVDA
can all be used either wirelessly via Bluetooth or via a USB connection.
This is a unique technology for using and discovering musical talents!
MusikBraille plays back notes while typing them and whilst reading them back
off the Braille display. You can then directly modify music using the built-in
music editor.
• 2 triple action keys
• Easy-to-use editor, calculator, scheduler,
timer & alarm clock
• Connects up to 4 devices simultaneously
(3 Bluetooth & 1 USB)
• Hundreds of books can be stored & documents transferred via MicroSD card
  • Text input via 8 ergonomic Braille keys
  • 40 piezoelectric silent ceramic Braille cells
  • 3 USB ports (one for keyboard connection) Includes a handy carry case
  • Transfer & convert documents from grade two into normal text using supplied Handy Tech software Fast charging (less than 3 hours)
  • Simultaneously open multiple Braille documents and quickly switch between them.
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