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Transportable Video Magnifiers

These are desktop like systems, capable of being moved from one location to another. This makes them ideal if you need to read in multiple locations (e.g. at work and home, or different rooms around the house).

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  • Opti Verso 2


    Opti Verso 2 is the ultimate portable reader with close up and distance viewing capability on the market today.

    1599.00 (£1918.80 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Opti Verso 2
  • Transformer USB/VGA


    A flexible and portable laptop solution for reading, writing and viewing magnified images at any distance. VGA connection available.

    1795.00 (£2154.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Transformer USB/VGA
  • Pebble Mini


    Pebble-mini's ultra-compact design makes it the ideal hand-held magnifier whether you are at home or on the go.

    205.00 (£246.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Pebble Mini
  • Ruby XL HD


    High definition handheld video magnifier for people with low vision.

    599.00 (£718.80 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Ruby XL HD
  • Quicklook 2GO


    The Quicklook 2GO is a simple, easy to use electronic video magnifier designed for people on the go.

    599.00 (£718.80 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Quicklook 2GO
  • i-loview 7 Full HD


    7 inch portable magnifier with Full HD level image quality and high speed auto-focus ensuring a crisp and clean image at both close up and distance.

    795.00 (£954.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    i-loview 7 Full HD
  • Readit Air


    This is a laptop reading machine with a keypad included. A low cost low vision aid for business and educational users.

    1295.00 (£1554.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Readit Air
  • i-loview Super HD


    A stylish looking lightweight and portable 4.3 inch screen handheld video magnifier with high definition image quality.

    645.00 (£774.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    i-loview Super HD
  • Readit Scholar HD


    The Readit Scholar HD is a laptop reading machine that offers HD live image quality, A3 page capture and automatic reading. An ideal solution for business and education users as it offers optical character recognition at distance alongside close-up and self viewing.

    2495.00 (£2994.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Readit Scholar HD
  • Capture


    Zoomax Capture is a handheld video magnifier with image storage which is perfect for elderly and young users with low vision.

    439.00 (£526.80 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

  • Snow


    A 4.3 inch handheld electronic magnifier with simple and easy to use controls which makes it perfect for elderly users with low vision.

    295.00 (£354.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

  • Pebble HD


    Pebble HD electronic magnifier includes a HD camera which provides a crisp, clear, colourful and high quality picture enhancing user experience.

    470.00 (£564.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Pebble HD
  • Zoomax Butterfly - DISCONTINUED 2


    Zoomax Butterfly is a low cost video magnifier with flip out reading stand for intuitive reading.

    199.00 (£238.80 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Zoomax Butterfly - DISCONTINUED 2
  • Quicklook Touch


    Touch screen technology makes Quicklook simple and intuitive to use. Touch it and See!

    599.00 (£718.80 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Quicklook Touch