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Handheld Video Magnifiers

We have a fantastic range of handheld video magnifiers that are designed for use at work, in educational environments and while on the go. Each one has been designed to ensure the best user experience for those affected by low vision. 

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  • Clover 4


    Clover 4 is a handheld 4.3″ LCD HD video magnifier with a foldable handle. It's our best value 4.3" handheld magnifier!

    285.00 (£342.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Clover 4
  • Clover 5


    Clover 5 is a handheld 5″ LCD HD video magnifier with a foldable handle.

    335.00 (£402.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Clover 5
  • Snow 10 Pro OCR


    A 10" high definition handheld video magnifier with text-to-speech. Ergonomic, compact and extremely easy to use.

    1095.00 (£1314.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Snow 10 Pro OCR
  • Snow 10


    10" high definition handheld video magnifier. Ergonomic, compact and extremely easy to use.

    1045.00 (£1254.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Snow 10
  • Clover 7S HD


    Clover 7S HD is a 7 inch HD Magnifier with 18(+1) Colour combinations.

    695.00 (£834.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Clover 7S HD
  • Snow 7 HD Plus Advanced


    The first 7" high definition handheld video magnifier with text-to-speech. Ergonomic, compact and extremely easy to use.

    975.00 (£1170.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Snow 7 HD Plus Advanced
  • iView 5


    iView 5 is our best value 5" magnifier with 10 colour combinations and a 4 hour battery life.

    295.00 (£354.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    iView 5
  • Mercury Pocket


    Mercury Pocket is our only Text-to-Speech handheld reading machine with a large 7inch screen.

    750.00 (£900.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Mercury Pocket
  • Clover 10


    Clover 10 is a handheld 10.0″ LCD HD video magnifier with a foldable leg and self-viewing camera. Clover 10 is the first-of-its-kind magnifier with most handheld magnifiers being 7" or smaller and is the largest Handheld Video Magnifier which we currently stock.

    995.00 (£1194.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Clover 10
  • Candy 5 HD II


    CANDY 5 HD II is a handheld (with handle) 5.0″ LCD HD video magnifier with a unique, ergonomic 3-position handle that can be comfortably held in the centre-balanced position, for right-handed or left-handed use. Alternatively, use CANDY 5 HD as a Stand magnifier by pulling out the folded leg and CANDY 5 HD II operates similar to an optical stand magnifier.

    549.00 (£658.80 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Candy 5 HD II
  • Candy 4 HD II


    CANDY 4 HD II is a lightweight handheld video magnifier with a sharp high-contrast image

    439.00 (£526.80 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Candy 4 HD II
  • Ruby 7 HD


    High definition 7 inch handheld video magnifier for people with low vision.

    699.00 (£838.80 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Ruby 7 HD
  • Mano Touch 4


    The Mano Touch 4 is sleek, stylish and simple to use - but most of all, it puts discreet magnification right in the palm of your hand.

    545.00 {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Mano Touch 4
  • iView 7HD


    The perfect HD magnifier for users with Macular Degeneration and other eye conditions.

    575.00 (£690.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    iView 7HD
  • Amigo HD


    One of a kind 7" video magnifier for use on the go! It is light and simple to use.

    725.00 (£870.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Amigo HD
  • Looky 4+


    The Looky 4+ is a small portable electronic magnifier which you can use to magnify and enhance text and objects. The Looky 4 features a high definition auto-focus camera, a unique, ergonomic, foldable handle and a responsive touch screen.

    495.00 (£594.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Looky 4+
  • eCare


    The new eCare range are stylish, long lasting and lightweight handheld magnifiers.

    249.00 (£298.80 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

  • Snow


    A 4.3 inch handheld electronic magnifier with simple and easy to use controls which makes it perfect for elderly users with low vision.

    295.00 (£354.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

  • Capture


    Zoomax Capture is a handheld video magnifier with image storage which is perfect for elderly and young users with low vision.

    439.00 (£526.80 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

  • Zoomax Butterfly - DISCONTINUED 2


    Zoomax Butterfly is a low cost video magnifier with flip out reading stand for intuitive reading.

    199.00 (£238.80 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Zoomax Butterfly - DISCONTINUED 2