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The products listed below have been discontinued. However, we understand that many of our customers will keep their magnification aids and reading machines for years to come. Therefore we continue to offer support on the products listed below. If you would like to discuss any of these products with us then please contact us on 01775 711 977. 

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  • ReadAnywhere Lite - Discontinued


    ReadAnywhere Lite is a fully functional desktop reading machine but in a completely portable package.

    995.00 (£1194.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    ReadAnywhere Lite - Discontinued
  • Liberty Colour - Discontinued


    The Liberty Colour is a portable CCTV magnifier with a high contrast, 16:9 TFT display.

    1495.00 (£1794.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Liberty Colour - Discontinued
  • Liberty Solo - Discontinued


    Liberty Solo is a full colour battery operated video magnifier with an integrated high brightness 12" TFT screen.

    1999.00 (£2398.80 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Liberty Solo - Discontinued
  • Opti - Discontinued


    The Opti is a perfect laptop solution and is ideal for someone who wants to be able to read while they are on the move.

    795.00 (£954.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Opti - Discontinued
  • Quicklook - Discontinued


    Quicklook is a hand-held, full colour, electronic magnifier with an integrated 4 inch TFT display. It can magnify text, photos and maps or just about anything.

    399.00 (£478.80 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Quicklook - Discontinued
  • Quicklook Focus - Discontinued


    Quicklook Zoom Focus is an autofocus pocket electronic magnifier designed for users with low vision.

    699.00 (£838.80 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Quicklook Focus - Discontinued
  • Jordy - Discontinued


    JORDY enables people with low vision to see objects at a distance, up close and at any range in between. This battery operated system can be worn like a pair of glasses or used as a Desktop video magnifier when placed on its docking stand.

    1795.00 (£2154.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Jordy - Discontinued
  • TVi Colour - Discontinued


    The TVi Colour magnifies text on to a TV monitor with a handheld mouse camera with a zoom function.

    545.00 (£654.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    TVi Colour - Discontinued
  • Flipper - Discontinued


    Flipper's rotating camera design enables people with low vision to perform daily tasks more effectively.

    995.00 (£1194.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Flipper - Discontinued
  • Flipper Panel 12 Inch - Discontinued


    Flipper Panel is a portable magnifier which integrates the Flipper rotating camera with a slim LCD platform. Powered by a battery pack.

    1495.00 (£1794.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Flipper Panel 12 Inch - Discontinued
  • Nemo - Discontinued


    Travel with ease! The pocket-sized Nemo is lightweight and affordable. Look-up phone numbers in seconds and perform everyday household tasks with ease.

    480.00 (£576.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Nemo - Discontinued
  • Flipper Stand - Discontinued


    The Flipper Stand extends the flexibility of the Flipper products by elevating Flipper to 15 inches on a platform which allows users to view blackboards, screens, presentations easily in the classroom or audience settings.

    395.00 (£474.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Flipper Stand - Discontinued
  • ReadEasy+ - Discontinued


    Standalone reading machine with human sounding voices.

    1695.00 (£2034.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    ReadEasy+ - Discontinued
  • Eye-Q - Discontinued


    The Eye-Q electronic video magnifier is designed for low vision individuals with an active lifestyle.

    239.00 {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Eye-Q - Discontinued
  • Readit Wand - Discontinued


    Portable reading machine designed for use with a laptop PC. Can be used with a MacBook.

    1595.00 (£1914.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Readit Wand - Discontinued
  • Andromeda - Discontinued


    Andromeda is a CCTV reading system that allows the connection of a PC and / or the Ash Technologies distance camera.

    1995.00 (£2394.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Andromeda - Discontinued
  • SmartView Versa+ - Discontinued


    Electronic video magnifier with 4.3 inch screen and multimedia support.

    440.00 (£528.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    SmartView Versa+ - Discontinued
  • LexCam (Camera only) - Discontinued


    LexCam works with Lex software and has been developed to help users with dyslexia to read more efficiently.

    279.00 (£334.80 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    LexCam (Camera only) - Discontinued
  • Liberty Scholar - Discontinued


    The Liberty Scholar is the ideal solution for professionals and students who require portable magnification in multiple situations.

    2899.00 {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Liberty Scholar - Discontinued
  • Wand Camera (for Readit Software) - Discontinued


    This camera can be purchase seperately and used with the Readit software.

    1095.00 (£1314.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Wand Camera (for Readit Software) - Discontinued