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A range of Braille equipment and embossers and products designed for those affected by blindness.

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  • Tiger Embraille


    The Tiger Embraille is lightweight and compact meaning it takes up little desk space.

    1695.00 (£2034.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Tiger Embraille
  • Index Braille Box


    Single-sheet fed, high-speed Braille printer with little noise level. Braille Box is a milestone on the production braille embosser market.

    8995.00 (£10794.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Index Braille Box
  • Index BasicD Embosser


    Basic-D is a braille embosser which uses fan-folded paper to produce double-sided braille.

    2450.00 (£2940.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Index BasicD Embosser
  • Index Everest-D Embosser


    Index Everest-D is a single sheet fed braille embosser. Braille output on cut-sheet paper is easier and less expensive in comparison to fan-folded braille paper.

    3150.00 (£3780.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Index Everest-D Embosser
  • Index BasicD Acoustic Cabinet


    Produces volumes of braille in the office with low noise level, efficient cooling, stable paper feeding and collecting.

    795.00 (£954.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Index BasicD Acoustic Cabinet