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Accessibility Software

Browse through our range of accessibility software and choose the one to help you to continue using your laptop/PC with ease.

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  • Synapptic Software


    An all-in-one mobile phone/tablet software package for people who are blind or partially sighted.

    190.00 (£228.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Synapptic Software
  • Dolphin Guide


    Make using a computer easy with Dolpin Guide! Designed for anyone who is visually impaired or has never used a computer before. The spoken out loud step by step instructions makes the process of using a computer so simple.

    495.00 (£594.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Dolphin Guide
  • Dolphin Publisher


    Dolphin Publisher is the premier tool for creating professional DAISY digital talking books with human narrated or synthetic voices.

    695.00 (£834.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Dolphin Publisher
  • EasyReader


    EasyReader is an accessible software ebook reader allowing users to read and listen to content through a combination of text, speech and images.

    40.00 (£48.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

  • Kurzweil 3000


    A powerful way for students who struggle with printed text to access curriculum materials so they can keep up with assigned reading, learn critical study skills, an successfully complete writing projects and test independently.

    199.00 (£238.80 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Kurzweil 3000
  • Kurzweil 1000


    The Kurzweil 1000 software speaks text aloud in a variety of natural-sounding voices that can be modified to suit individual preferences. In addition, it provides users with document creation and editing as well as study skills capabilities for note taking, summarizing and outlining text.

    995.00 (£1194.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    Kurzweil 1000
  • EasyConverter


    Easily convert documents into an accessible format that suits your needs using EasyConverter.

    890.00 (£1068.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

  • EasyConverter Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)


    EasyConverter Software Maintenance Agreement options that are available.

    107.00 (£128.40 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    EasyConverter Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)
  • EasyConverter Additional Installations


    Additional installation options that are available for EasyConverter.

    535.00 (£642.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    EasyConverter Additional Installations
  • EasyConverter Upgrades


    EasyConverter upgrade from previous versions. Select this product if you would like to upgrade your current version of EasyConverter.

    180.00 (£216.00 inc. VAT) {TPL_VAR_FREESHIP}

    EasyConverter Upgrades