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  • Wojciech Oganowski


    I am very thankful for all you programmers from VisionAid International for your absolutely fantastic Readit System. Using this system I have the feeling not to be excluded in my situation.Slowly next year is coming to the end and by this opportunity, I would like to wish for you and for all your collaborators Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  • Alice


    I have to tell you how delighted I am with the keyboard! When I first saw the size of the letters, I worried that the keyboard itself might be much larger as a result. Was delighted to find out it takes up no more room than a standard keyboard! I had also ordered the keyboard in anticipation that my eyesight might get worse and didn't think I actually needed such large letters just yet BUT, now that I have the new keyboard, I absolutely love it and wouldn't want to go back to a normal-size one. And the LED light is a real bonus as I now need direct lighting to be able to read properly. So, all in all, a very satisfied customer (with both the item and your kind & patient customer service). Thank you.
  • Mrs P Colton


    I was very pleased with the service provided by your company when I phoned to place my order. The product was delivered within two days and was in full working order.Yours sincerely, Mrs P Colton
  • Jane MPCC (UK) Limited


    We have now received the electronic magnifier, ordered on Friday 3rd January. I just wanted to thank you again for your helpfulness and efficiency. Happy new year!
  • Alfred Cooke


    Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you very much for sending me the ReadEasy Move. I have found the equipment extremely helpful and can say I have just finished reading a book, a task that I have not done for so long and thoroughly enjoyed. Your equipment is very helpful and a pleasure to use. Kindest Regards, Alfred Cooke
  • Jonathan Tear


    I recently visited the VisionAid stand at the Sight Village exhibition in London and purchased the i-loview Super HD handheld video magnifier. As someone who has always been fairly sceptical about these types of event, I was pleasantly surprised, both by the range of products and services on display and by the professional, knowledgeable and non sales pitch approach of the VisionAid team. The video magnifier (i-loview Super HD) is excellent as it is extremely portable and fits easily inside your jacket or coat pocket, making its use in public places easy and discrete. The functionality is great and I would imagine caters for most needs, I particularly like the way in which you can record and transfer images to your PC/laptop screen or TV! Overall, an excellent product and great customer service!
  • Matthew Colls


    My feedback for the Lex system is only positive. It's of a light enough weight and compact enough size that transporting it around if needed is not a difficult process. My only improvement would be that if it were possible to make it any smaller it would be convenient to use when there is limited desk space.The software is simple is to use and the interface intuitive. It is incredibly useful for me as it allows me to scan relevant sections of a book and not only view them in a easier fashion, but also retain the information after the book has been returned to the library.
  • Aukey User


    Thank you so much to VisionAid for the kind and friendly service. I ordered an Aukey and it arrived the next day. I can now read text that I haven't been able to read for years! Thank you to Sarah for all her help.
  • i-loview 7 User


    The i-loview 7 Full HD is one of the best types of mobile magnifiers I have used. It would be good if it had a handle and a flap to cover the buttons around the screen as they get pressed as the magnifier is moved around when it is in use. That is the only downside.
  • Silvia Elsner


    The magnifier arrived well! I thank you warmly for your and Ellis' help!
  • Website User


    Really happy with the website and it works well.
  • Margaret Elliott


    This is to thank you very much for the recent demonstration of vision aids provided by VisionAid Technologies Ltd at the meeting of the Macular Society held at Barkston & Syston Village Hall near Grantham on Friday 14th June.

    The demonstration was most interesting to the group. This is a support group, only recently formed, for people in the area affected by macular degeneration.Hardly any of the members had any knowledge of devices which might help us to continue to live independently as our sight declines.We had learned nothing from our opticians or from hospital eye specialists since it is not their responsibility to inform the patient of these items, and, as we had no knowledge of the existence of these aids, we could not ask about them.

    I left the meeting with a copy of the brochure feeling excited and positive about the future, and slightly disappointed that I don't yet need to avail myself of one of your vision aids! As a voracious reader, the thought of not being able to absorb all the printed information I wish to when poor vision denies me that pleasure, has been a black cloud on the horizon for me. To find that I can still have access to that knowledge through one of your talking magnifiers when I begin to need it is just wonderful. Also the knowledge that I will still be able to see confidential documents like bank statements and bills without relying on another person is such a relief.

    I very much appreciate the clarity of the layout and font size of your brochure too. The information is arranged just as I would wish.I know two people with more advanced sight problems then mine who could benefit from knowing more about your products, and intend to share what I have learned at the demonstration with them. Thank you again.Yours sincerely,Margaret Elliott
  • Elaine Haver


    The exceptionally quick dispatch meant that the Desire 23" HD was up and running the next day in classand Natasha and her fellow students were using it within 24 hours of the order confirmation.Elaine HaverDeputy Head TeacherCavendish High School
  • Elvira Ryan


    Because I am registered blind and have got only 10% vision it has always been very difficult to read books until I got the Readit Scholar (Digital Capture Reading System) which changed my life. Now I can get any book, magazine, booklet, article and use the Readit Scholar to capture every single page and save in my mp3 player and listen to it when travelling from home to work or whenever I feel like it. A brilliant machine.The service from VisionAid I had was excellent. Good sense of humour, very patient teachers and you know that they know what they are talking about. After they went I had to reach them by phone a couple of times and again they were so professional and thorough with the answers so thanks a lot VisionAid for all your help, you are great.
  • Donna Grant


    I would like to say the Biggest thank you to you and your team for speedy service I received from your company.I just love my IBIS HD with 22" monitor an arm bundle + it has made such a difference to my working life I don't know how I managed before I would recommend that every with impaired vision should have one at work.If I could afford it I would love to have one at home as well.
  • Michael Sharkey


    I have recently started using Visionaid's Readit Wand. It's a fantastic bit of kit. A very accurate scanner which is really easy to use. It has sped up my work significantly. I would recommend it to anyone who has difficulties with reading speed because of low vision! Also, the help I received from the instructor during my training session was excellent. I was able to start using the wand straight after my training and the session itself was extremely enjoyable and informative.
  • Dennis Lewis


    As a self employed counsellor who is registered severely sight impaired (macular degeneration) I rely on my low vision kit to enable me to do my work. Ben Ross from VisionAid proved immensely helpful when installing my new equipment at home. I found the service they offer both professional and friendly at a time of great stress for me. Continuing contact and follow up visits are available and I would have no hesitation in recommending VisionAid for service delivery and support.