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Ongoing Website Problems

We regret to inform customers that we are currently experiencing problems with our web server. At present, online purchases are not functioning. Please call us on 01775 711 977 and we will be happy to help in person. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

We offer a wide range of vision aids for people affected by low vision. Browse our website and find the perfect vision aid to help you to continue to maintain your independence and continue to read. If there's something you require but can't find on our website give us a call on 01775 711 977


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   The world’s first standalone reading machine capable of reading up to
newspapers (A3 size).

It's the world’s most accurate device, capable of reading down to 5pt text.

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New Arrivals

Below is a list of new low vision aids that have been added to our range (navigate through the website to find out about all the products that we have available):


  • eSight 3 - NEW!

    Sku: ES001

    The eSight 3 is a wearable HD AutoFocus camera, for distance, intermediate, and near viewing.

    £8995.00 (£10794.00 inc. VAT)

    eSight 3 - NEW!
  • IrisVision - NEW!

    Sku: IRI001

    Handsfree magnification ideal for watching TV, Painting or Reading.


    IrisVision - NEW!
  • Helix HD

    Sku: VIS001

    Our most affordable and lightweight HD Video Magnifier.

    £795.00 (£954.00 inc. VAT) + Free UK Delivery

    Helix HD
  • Clover 10

    Sku: HIMS003

    Clover 10 is a handheld 10.0″ LCD HD video magnifier with a foldable leg and self-viewing camera. Clover 10 is the first-of-its-kind magnifier with most handheld magnifiers being 7" or smaller and is the largest Handheld Video Magnifier which we currently stock.

    £995.00 (£1194.00 inc. VAT) + Free UK Delivery

    Clover 10
  • Mercury Pocket

    Sku: TRY001

    Mercury Pocket is our only Text-to-Speech handheld reading machine with a large 7inch screen.

    £750.00 (£900.00 inc. VAT) + Free UK Delivery

    Mercury Pocket
  • Mercury Range

    Sku: try002

    Featuring a tablet computer in either 10 inch or 12 inch.

    From £1275.00 (£1530.00 inc. VAT) + Free UK Delivery

    Mercury Range
  • OrCam MyReader

    Sku: ORC001

    The worlds most advanced wearable assistive technology solution

    £2000.00 (£2400.00 inc. VAT) + Free UK Delivery

    OrCam MyReader